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Our terms and conditions are here to help you. At Champagne Classics we want you to feel comfortable with everything about us and confident that you have all the facts, the full story, and that there will no surprises along the way apart from nice ones. Please take just a few short minutes to read the information set out below you may well find the answer to your all important question.
No Smoking Policy.We have a strict no smoking policy in or around all of the cars. Also no food or drink is to be consumed in any of the vehicles unless by prior arrangement and consent by Champagne Classics.
Acceptance Of Services. Customers accepting our service verbally or in writing are entering into a legally binding contract.
Provisional Bookings. Bookings will be held as a gesture of good will provisionally for a maximum of 7 days, bookings are only confirmed once a deposit has been paid. Unconfirmed bookings after this period will be made available to other enquirers.
Deposits. A non refundable deposit of 50% of the total booking fee is required on booking.
Payment. A deposit is required on making a booking, the balance is then due 14 days prior to the booking date. If a booking is made between 14 and 28 days until the event then the full balance must be paid on booking. Please note that bookings where the final payment has not been received 5 working days prior to the event will not go ahead.
Multi Car Bookings. If two cars are booked together for the same date then a 10% discount will apply.  Discounts are given at the discretion of Champagne Classics based on the event area.

Payment Plan. If the total payable amount exceeds £400 either for a single car or multi car booking the customer is eligable to pay using our interest free three part payment plan.

1. A non refundable deposit of £100 is payable on booking.
2. A second non refundable deposit of £100 is payable 8 weeks after the date of the first deposit payment.
3. The final balance of the booking is payable 4 weeks prior to the date of the wedding.
Our payment plan will only be offered when the wedding date is no less than 6 months away from the first payment.
The Booking Price. The Booking Price is the price quoted once a route and all requirements have been established with Champagne Classics and the Client. Our price will always be quoted as an all inclusive price and is the price you will pay therefore no VAT or hidden charges will be added at a later date. Please note that for booking commencing after 6pm a 25% surcharge will be added to the booking price. Any additions made to the booking once the booking form has been signed and returned (i.e. extra trips) are chargeable and the customer will be further invoiced with no exceptions made.
How to pay. We accept personal cheques made payable to Vanessa Devlin, bank transfers and Paypal payments (5% surcharge will apply).
Cancellations. Cancellations must be done 10 weeks prior to the event otherwise the client will be asked to pay the full outstanding balance. A full refund will be given minus the deposit if the cancellation is within the 10 week period. All cancellations must be sent by post in writing (not email), signed and dated, outlining the booking,the cancellation with reasons for said cancellation by the person who made the booking. A letter of receipt will be sent out by Champagne Classics. Postponements are deemed as cancellations and will be treated in the same way.
Booking Changes. Minor changes to a bookings details i.e. times, ribbon colour, champagne are non chargeable. Greater changes to a bookings details i.e. venues, pick up points, number of trips, are chargeable with no exceptions being made. Should the customer require changing the date of the original booking this will incur a £30 surcharge plus any further additional costs due to extra mileage and or time required.
Discounts. Only one discount will be given per booking at the discretion and agreement of Champagne Classics.
Breakdowns. In the unlikely event of a breakdown prior to the booked service Champagne Classics will if possible supply a replacement vehicle from the available vehicles. If the supply of another vehicle is not possible a full refund will be given. Should a breakdown occur during the booked service and Champagne Classics is unable to complete the booking where by not taking the specified passengers to the agreed destination a full refund will be given. Champagne Classics will not be held responsible for any inconvenience or disappointment caused by the unforeseen circumstance of a breakdown.
Bad Weather/Road Conditions. Champagne Classics reserves the right to cancel booked services without notice due to bad weather conditions including snow, ice, fog. Champagne Classics will not be held responsible for any inconvenience or disappointment caused by the unforeseen circumstance of bad weather or road conditions.
Booking Refusal. At Champagne Classics we reserve the right to refuse a booking. We also reserve the right to change a booking when circumstances are beyond our control which may result in another vehicle being offered or a full refund being given. At Champagne Classics we observe a zero tolerance to intimidating behaviour from customers. Any form of violence, bad language and anti-social behaviour towards any member of the Champagne Classics team will not be tolerated and will result in a booking being terminated with immediate effect.
Damage By Customers. Customers must note that they are liable for any damage caused to the vehicles or loss of any property belonging to Champagne Classics by themselves or any of their party. Champagne Classics will further invoice the customer for a minimum payment of £100 to cover the work needed to be carried out to put right the damaged vehicle.
Loss Of Belongings. Vehicles are checked for passengers belongings at the end of the required period of service. However Champagne Classics will not accept any liability for any belongings lost or damaged by the booking party whilst using its services.
Photographs. Customers please note that as part of any of the offered services available with Champagne Classics a reasonable amount of waiting time is calculated into the booking period to include photographic opportunity. This time is calculated from the period commencing the conclusion of the wedding ceremony until the departure to the reception venue. In the instance of a one venue wedding the photographic time is calculated from the period commencing conclusion of the wedding ceremony plus time at the venue or at another location within reasonable distance and by prior consent. Customers requirements to be driven to another location or distances greater than 10 miles that take the journey a considerable distance away from the final reception venue location must make this clear to Champagne Classics. Customers not disclosing this information on booking or at a later date before the booking date will not be accommodated and Champagne Classics will not accept any liability for disappointment caused.
Children. Under no circumstances is any child under the age of three at the time of travel to travel in any of the Champagne Classics vehicles. Children over the age of three at the time of travel may travel in the rear of any of the Champagne Classics vehicles unrestrained. Children are the responsibility of the booking party at all times and must always be escorted by a responsible adult no exceptions made.
The Customer. The customer is the person making the booking and who is solely responsible for said booking. Any amendments or alterations to the booking must be done in writing by the customer.
Promotional Gifts. Promotional gifts are given complimentary and only one per booking. The gift is given to the bridal couple on booking the bridal car, subject to availability with no cash alternative.
Complimentary Gifts. Champagne and other drinks offered, Silver Sixpence, and chocolates are complimentary and are given courtesy of Champagne Classics to the Bride and Groom on booking their bridal car and the full bridal package with Champagne Classics and at the discretion of Champagne Classics. Other members of the wedding party do not qualify for complimentary gifts at the discretion of Champagne Classics.
Terms and Conditions. At Champagne Classics we reserve the right to amend our terms and conditions at any time.
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